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We make time for you to ask as many questions as you need. We want you to understand your medicine, how it works, why your doctor prescribed it, and what you can expect when you take it.

Created by Pharmcists

Appalachian Specialty Pharmacy founders, Jay Graessle and Jay Worthington saw a need, in the rural communities of the Appalachian region, for expert pharmacy care and services to reach those who needed compassionate support and guidance. Along with a knowledgeable support staff, their purpose is to build strong partnerships with a patient’s healthcare providers, insurance companies and local service organizations to help manage complex health conditions.

We are your neighbors helping you and your family understand your medications, why your doctor prescribed them and how you can expect them to work. We understand that your health condition and your medications can be overwhelming; that is why we offer a comfortable space in a private office which allows you to take the time to ask confidential questions.

Our patients are more than just a number in a line, or a faceless voice on the phone, they are the people we live with every day. That’s why at Appalachian Specialty Pharmacy, we are committed to helping the people of our community become happier and healthier. We believe that happier, healthier people make a stronger community which flourishes and advances each day.

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